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Nauen-Roskow, Sewage plant

We are concerned with all questions relating to water. In Saxony, in Germany and around the world. We have a profound understanding of the water business and know all processes on the way a water molecule travels from the well to the final discharge from a wastewater treatment plant. We define realistic goals and find the most efficient ways to reach them. We develop sustainable tariff structures and support you with consulting services for corporate development and structural organisation. Sachsen Wasser—consulting, operations, management.

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In recent years the privatisation of water management has become a more and more prominent topic. In Germany privatisation is often seen as an effective way to increase the economic efficiency of water and waste water utilities while abroad privatization is also expected to tackle the supply shortage.

Sachsen Wasser supports and applies solutions in which municipalities assume responsibility for their water management.

For many municipalities as well as water and waste water associations the municipal-based scheme implemented in Leipzig represents an efficient alternative to purely privatisation of water management.

Sachsen Wasser is a partner of municipal representatives and offers their services in operation of water systems and consulting, for example organization structures, tariff structures and financial planning.

Beyond it Sachsen Wasser is involved in terms of water supply and distribution for industrial customers.

Sachsen Wasser GmbH was founded in September 2000.