Water. Wastewater. Worldwide



  • Rehabilitation and extension of rural water supply systems in selected communes in Northern Albania
  • Accompanying training measure for water supply and waste water utility Berat-Kucova and Lushnja
  • Municipal infrastructure II: Project location of Kamza, Institutional support measures
  • Provision of services for the design and implementation of a national study on the customer services of the Albanian water utility companies


Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Rehabilitation of urban water supply and sewerage systems, River Sava region, Bihac
  • Design and tender documents, tendering, contracting, construction supervision: Institutional strengthening, Tuzla-Zenica
  • Waste water collection and treatment, Bihac 
  • Financial cash-flow-modelling, Banja Luka



  • Sewage disposal in Southwest Kosovo, Phase III, Gjakova



  • Chisinau water development programme: Corporate development and Stakeholder participation programme



  • Institutional support of capacity development of Vodacom and water supply and waste water utilities, Tivat
  • Institutional support of water supply and waste water utility, Ulcinj
  • Danilovgrad municipal infrastructure: Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Programme (FOPIP)



  • Support of the municipal water utility of Novi Pazar: Management improvement



  • Malatya Sewerage Project: Accompanying Measures



  • Improved water and waste water services programme (IWSP): Technical assistance, Cairo



  • Urban water supply and sanitation programme in Kigoma, Lindi and Sumbawanga towns: Capacity development


Palestinian Territories

  • Human Resources and Organisational Development (HROD) Programme, Tulkarem, West Bank



  • Water loss reduction programme Aleppo: Investment Fund for Water Management



  • Operations support and training of Kabul water supply



  • Water supply and waste water systems rehabilitation in Lori and Shirak: Component “Enhancement of managerial skills of the project execution agencies”



  • Urban services improvement investment program: Consultant services for management contractor



  • Expansion of the service area of Khorezm Obi Hayet and studies on sectoral and contractual issues, Tashkent/Urgench
  • Rural water supply Khorezm: O&M and financial management training for staff, Urgench
  • Water supply, sanitation and health project: Institutional Organisation and Strengthening Component (IOSC), Khorezm and Karakalpakstan
  • Rural water supply Khorezm: Control mission for programme appraisal, Urgench


  • Sewage disposal concept/Master Plan, Lindelbach
  • Evaluation of the technical and economical development of a water and waste water association, Königsee
  • Registration and supervision of the decentralised sewage works, Leipzig
  • Project management for the registration of discharge points for the public water and waste water utility, Leipzig
  • Support to Markt Weidenberg in investments for reconstruction of drinking water supply
  • Compilation of dossier for the effluent discharge fee, Vieselbach
  • Comparative analysis of investment options, Hohenseefeld
  • Organisational development and regional cooperation, Borna, Espenhain, Pleissetal
  • Study “Split tariffs: Separate fees for waste and storm water”, Weimar
  • Study “Split tariffs: Separate fees for waste and storm water”, Teuschnitz
  • Legal aspects of split tariffs, Merseburg

Water. Wastewater. Worldwide