Tajikistan / Nurek, Khorog: Corporate development, city/social support, stakeholder participation

SaWa continues its engagement in two water and wastewater projects in Tajikistan. The objectives are

  • to rehabilitate the water supply system and selected wastewater improvements,
  • to improve billing and collection efficiency and
  • to improve financial and operational management leading to a reduction in operating and main-tenance costs for water supply and reduction of water wastage.

The services to be provided by SaWa include i.a. development and imple-mentation of following documents: Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Programme, Equal Opportunities Plan, Corporate Business Plan, Public Service Agreement, Capacity Building Programme, Non-Revenue Water Reduction Plan, Information Campaign Plan, Environmental Management Action Plan, Transformation of Financial Statements into International Financial Reporting Standards, Social Support Programme, and Tariff Methodology. In addition, SaWa is responsible for the purchase and installation of a new accounting and billing system as well as for identification and calculation of Key Performance Indicators.

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