Bolivia. Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Tarija, Yacuiba, Bermejo and Oruro. Program for sustainable drinking water supply and sanitation in peri-urban areas (PERIGUA II)

PERIAGUA II, financed by Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), started in July 2016 and is linked to theprevious program PERIAGUA I where SaWa already participated. Until June 2019 the project continues and intensifies the work in the existing subject areas (sub-urban areas of Santa Cruz and Tarija) as well as to expand to other cities (Yacuiba, Bermejo, and Oruro). In addition to further development of cooperation with the local water utilities of the project cities and strenghtening of the Bolivian sector instittutions, the focus in this project is on the topic "waste water management". 
The project aims at a sustainable climate-friendly management of water re-sources. This field of action covers topics such as the protection of water resources, sustainable waste management and the sustainable use of water resources. Particular attention will be given to adaptation measures to climate change, knowledge management and the qualification of training andeducation institutions.

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