Peja: Sewage Disposal in Southwest Kosovo Programme, Phases III and IV

Our consultancy services in Peja have been extended in scope and time, also to cater for lost opportunities during the first lockdowns during 2020.

SaWa and partners have supported the Regional Water Company Hidrodrini in the preparation and implementation of a number of commercial processes that went along with a considerable enhancement of their ERP/IT system, during which several modules and new functionalities have been added. Also, Hidrodrini has adopted an up-dated organisational structure as well as HR and salary system. Despite originally being a wastewater project, additional support was given in NRW and leak detection training, with several field trainings and measurements in different District Metered Areas (DMAs).

During Phase 2 of the project, SaWa will concentrate on operational assistance for the new WWTP (80,000 p.e.).

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