SaWa continues to support the Regional Water Companies, RWC, in Peja and Gjakova in Western Kosovo, as part of the Sewage Disposal in Southwest Kosovo Programme, phases III and IV, funded through KfW and State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, Suisse.

In Peja, the water and wastewater utility has adopted a new organisational structure and assigned new staff for important administrative functions (e.g. in human resource and public relations). SaWa is also facilitating and monitoring a substantial enhancement of the company’s integrated software package that goes hand in hand with adaptations in the commercial procedures, especially regarding billing and collection, debt management and customer service. On the technical side, an Industrial Wastewater Management Concept was prepared for the utility, to be implemented by the time the new Wastewater Treatment Plant, WWTP, will be commissioned. Standard Operating Procedures, SOP, were prepared for O&M of the sewer and storm water network, initial trainings are expected this year.

In Gjakova, the construction works have started earlier than in Peja. Construction of the new collectors is close to completion. The commissioning of the WWTP is currently expected in early 2021. Whereas the institutional support towards RWC Gjakova is largely completed (with a focus on improving commercial procedures and customer survey in 2019), further support will be rendered in the calculation of the new tariffs (incl. wastewater) for the up-coming three-year period, and in pre-paring the operations of the new WWTP with an operational plan and operator staff recruitment support. SaWa will also accompany the operations of the WWTP after its commissioning. 


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