4th March 2021 - World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development

Export Initiative Environmental Technologies: Know how Transfer / Capacity Building

Leipzig/Travnik. Within the framework of the German BMU project in the field of export of green and sustainable (environmental) infrastructure "Export Initiative Environmental Technologies" the company is involved in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the region of the Leipzig twin city Travnik. The aim of the project (together with a team of Leipzig-based companies) is to develop an inter-municipal, resource-efficient and sustainable wastewater and circular economy concept for selected municipalities in the canton of Central Bosnia.

Within the project, Sachsen Wasser is developing a strategic concept adapted to the local framework conditions as well as accompanying measures in the field of knowledge transfer and capacity building. The project aims to support the sustainable development of environmental infrastructure systems for recycling and wastewater management in three valleys of the canton of central Bosnia, while respecting local social, legal and political conditions. For this purpose, the wastewater management concept will first be developed for 3 pilot municipalities and then proposals for transmission to other municipalities will be presented.

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