Germany / Water operator partnerships

Water operator partnerships (WOP), building on the practical experience of German water operators, should enable a systematic approach to international development cooperation. To what extent is this possible in Germany, what obstacles occur and how these can be removed are topics which were discussed in an expertise. At the same time, a second expertise in four countries (Tanzania, Zambia, Jordan, Moldova) raised the need for support by the local water operators, examined the integration of water operator partnerships into German development cooperation and developed conceptual proposals for the organization of WOP’s for operators in emerging and developing and countries. The long-term goal is to empower local water operators to provide good services for their local customers. The project implements the cooperation project with the German water sector, which is anchored in the coalition agreement. It also leads to closer cooperation with development cooperation institutions. On 8 November 2018, German Minister Dr. Gerd Müller presented this new initiative.

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