Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bihac. Waste water collection and treatment

SaWa is contracted by the city of Bihax to strengthen the performance of water and sewage service provider. 
The overall objective of the project is to secure an environmentally sound and hygienic collection and treatment of the waste of water.
For this purpose both investment measures and accompanying measures have been identified, latter aiming to ensure the sustainable service provision in technial and economic terms. To achieve this two overall project goals SaWa will support the company to technically operate the water and waste water infrastructure, in paricular the new waste water treatment plant sustainably. This includes in addition the implementation of a long term solution for the sludge reuse, systematisation of an adequate organisation structure and staff training, tariff adjustments, development of sustainable operation and maintenance procedures and assistance during the connection on the sewage systems, targeting an economically independence of the water and waste water services.

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